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  • CallDetector – Apps on Google Play

    CallDetector gives you the ability to block any unwanted phone calls (including companies or individuals you just won’t want to talk to) and automatically blocks all known scam callers. CallDetector now also includes CallerYD®* to let you know not just who is calling, but WHY. CallDetector empowers you and saves time by identifying unknown …

  • Gabriel Robocall Blocker – Apps on Google Play

    Gabriel® is a community-driven call blocker, and SMS spam detection app. Gabriel uses real-time information provided by users to determine which calls and text messages are dangerous. Users provide data by simply tapping thumbs up or thumbs down on a call, or by tapping the report button on spam SMS texts. This information helps to protect the …

  • Robo Shield – Spam Call Blocker & Caller ID – Google Play

    Robo Shield SUBSCRIPTION: > Monthly Subscription Cost – $12.99/month. > Subscription will automatically renew 24 hours before expiration and payment will be charged to your account used at the time of purchase. > Cancelling your subscription must be done 24 hours before the subscription period expires or you will be charged for another month …

  • AdNeutralizer Spam Protection – Apps on Google Play

    AdNeutralizer puts a stop on that endless spam, keeping your smart device’s notification view clean of those messages and at the same time helps to protect the user from falling victim to the scams being promoted using unregulated push notification advertising. Read more. Collapse. 3.8.

  • Spam Remover – Apps on Google Play

    Spam Remover. This app uses an smart process in which once it analyzes an image and determines whether it is spam or not, it will omit it in future runs, so you can close the app and when you relaunch it it will omit the images that had already been analyzed before. Note: This application uses a neural network to analyze the gallery and …

  • Scam Master – Apps on Google Play

    Slide into DMs and Scam your victims for Money. Game consists of several activities related to mobile phone, especially texting. Each chat scenario, where you choose what to write.

  • Caller ID – Apps on Google Play

    Run on most android devices with SIM card. After installing and using the app make a test call to a trusted number or two to see if number is shown or hidden.

  • SCAM – Apps on Google Play

    SCAM es un sistema de control de acceso piletas, camping , complejos y balnearios de los afiliados al Sindicato de Obreros y Empleados de Estaciones de Servicio, Garajes, Gomerías, Lavaderos y Playas de Estacionamiento “SOESGYPE”

  • Party Play Shop – Apps on Google Play

    Party Play Shop. Zed USA Music & Audio. Teen. 1,498. Add to Wishlist. *NOTE: This application and service is only available to customers of TracFone, StraightTalk, Net10 or Total Wireless. Personalize your phone with our huge selection of ringtones, graphics and more. We have ringtones from all your favorite artists original songs and recordings!

  • Number Shield – Apps on Google Play

    With Number Shield, you can block an entire group of numbers at once. Just enter a wildcard for each digit you want to block. For example, if your phone number is 714-555-1234, scammers might call you using a number like 714-555-6789. You can block all similar numbers by entering 714-555-####. Wildcards and numbers can be combined in any order …

  • Cell Phone Number Lookup – Apps on Google Play

    1,064. Add to Wishlist. Find the owner of any phone number with this simple and free app. It takes only a few seconds to run a worldwide search of any 10-digit phone number and produce accurate results. Never wonder again what random number is calling or texting. It’s all right here in this small convenient little app!

  • Metro Name ID – Apps on Google Play

    Reverse number lookup is included as well, so you’ll never have to wonder who called you. Metro Name ID features: – Identify and block likely scam calls. – Identify and block unwanted callers. – Identify and send call categories to voicemail—telemarketers, surveys, political callers, and more. – Identify unknown callers. – Report call …

  • ENGAGE Calling – Apps on Google Play

    For any calls you receive that are unidentified, reverse number lookup is now supported in the United States! WE DO NOT SHARE OR SELL YOUR INFORMATION TO 3RD PARTIES You will only receive enhanced calls from businesses whom you have already given express permission to contact you, and only after we have identified them as legitimate business calls.

  • Billtopia – Apps on Google Play

    Billtopia is a free, easy-to-use mobile and voice app that allows you to track your bills and payments. Download today and learn more at FEATURES. Free. – All the kinds of free you like. – No hidden fees. – No ugly ads.

  • WSD LED – Apps on Google Play

    WSD LED INC offers only our proudest products, many of which are already on display in the United States. We get more and more customers’ welcome and trust from offline sales. For a company, the customer oriented service is the tenet, we are committed to our warehouse in the United States will provide the fastest delivery service, and carry on …

  • Spam Radar – Active Protection – Apps on Google Play

    Join us on our journey to stop abusive advertisers and claim back what’s ours. A distraction-free safe internet. Getting started with Spam Radar—–We made it extremely simple to get your running. A. Install Spam Radar B. Follow the on-screen instructions

  • Call Guardian – Apps on Google Play

    Call Guardian for US Cellular is a patented technology solution for protecting you from unwanted callers. Leveraging over 25 BILLION monthly call events to identify potentially harmful or annoying spam calls, Call Guardian provides you with incoming call alerts, detailed caller info (name, city/state, call category, and even risk level), and real-time identification of over 200 million …

  • Postman – Spam Blocker Premium – Apps on Google Play

    Postman – Spam Blocker Premium. Reinwald Warapen Tools. Mature 17+. 436. Add to Wishlist. $3.99 Buy. ☆☆☆☆ Celebrating 800,000 downloads on the PlayStore with a LIMITED price reduction. Upgrade to premium today!!☆☆☆☆. Upgrade to Postman Premium to enjoy the “Ad Free Version” and unlock all the restricted features (Statistics …

  • Stop Premium SMS Scam – Apps on Google Play

    In recent times the amount of malware applications (like fakeInst, etc. ) has increased that take advantage of the little attention we pay to the permissions and by exploiting vulnerabilities in subscription systems are able to perform operations that can give us a scare in the bill.