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TouchScreen Error Repair Guide – Apps on Google Play

For this course, it’s very painful when the touch screen is not working. As a professional smartphone repair company, we’ve put up some reasons why this problem persists and how to fix the touch screen not working on the phone, so you can continue enjoying your smartphone. Nowadays, Android Smartphones have become a necessity for everyone.

Screen Burn Fixer – Apps on Google Play

A screen burn-in is a display phenomena in which a portion of the display becomes permanently discolored as a result of extended use of a static image. It’s also worth noting that OLED displays are significantly more prone to screen burn-in than LCD panels. In truth, what most people mistake for screen burn-in on an LCD panel is frequently a …

Mobile Touch Screen Problems Help Tips &Tricks – Google Play

All Mobile phone Touch Screen problems troubleshooting steps and Tips & tricks for Android based cell Phone. Touch Screen Test & Repair app give you fast and instant solution. What to do if your mobile phone screen freezes and stops responding? Or you accidentally dropped your phone and mobile screen was broken and touch not working at all.

Accelerometer Calibration – Apps on Google Play

FEATURES: -> Easy accelerometer calibration process. -> Move the red dot on the screen into the black square and click on calibrate. -> AutoCalibrate option which notifies you when your phone’s accelerometer needs calibration. -> This app will calibrate your accelerometer so that you can have a smoother gaming experience playing your favorite …

Display Calibration – Apps on Google Play

Then Display Calibration is the app for you. Display calibration analyzes your device’s display , and calibrates the blacks (shades) and whites (tints) to give you a cleaner and smoother display. FEATURES: -> Easy to use. You are just one click way from calibrating your display. -> Step-wise , transparent calibration.

Touchscreen Calibration – Apps on Google Play

Touchscreen calibration is the perfect app to calibrate your touchscreen so that your touches get detected more accurately . -> Easy to use. Quick calibration process. -> Calibrate each gesture separately .So you know exactly what is happening throughout the process. -> Transparent calibration process . Calibration values and accuracy of the …

Touch Screen Test – Apps on Google Play

About this app. There are three color-related tests (purity, gradients and shades) and two touch-related ones (single and multi-touch). The Display info button opens a page that contains data about the screen resolution, pixel density, aspect ratio and current brightness. Depending on your phone model, these tests can help you decide, for …