• If VK700 overheats

    Your VK700 can overheat, especially in summer, this can happen quickly if your smartphone is exposed to high temperatures outside. It is quite normal that the device becomes warmer when switched on, but care must be taken when the appliance overheats. If your VK700 is overheating, there may be a number of reasons. It is […]

  • How to increase volume on VK700

    How to turn up the volume on your VK700? Clearly, you want to turn up the volume on your VK700 when you want to listen to music on your smartphone. If you have already set the volume to the highest level by pressing the volume button on the device, but you still want to increase […]

  • Transferring a call on VK700

    How to transfer a call on VK700 A “Call Transfer” or “Call Forwarding” is a function in which an incoming call on your phone is redirected to another number. This is very useful if you are waiting for an important call for example, but you already know you won’t be available at that time. In […]

  • VK700 turns off by itself

    VK700 turns off by itself Your VK700 sometimes turns off by itself? It can happen that your smartphone switches itself off, even if no buttons have been pressed and the battery is charged. If this is the case, there may be several reasons. To find the cause, it is important to check all the accessories […]

  • Changing wallpaper on VK700

    How to change the wallpaper on your VK700 In this excerpt, we will show you how you can easily change the wallpaper of your VK700. You can select a default wallpaper that you already have on your VK700, but also one of your gallery photos. In addition, you can also download free background images from […]

  • How to use emojis on VK700

    How to use emojis on your VK700 Want to know how to use emojis on your smartphone? Below, we’ll show you how to use emojis on your VK700. “Emojis”: what is it? “Emojis” are symbols or icons used when writing an SMS or other type of message on the smartphone. They appear in the form […]

  • How to unlock password on VK700

    How to unlock a forgotten pattern on your VK700 You were so sure that you memorized the diagram to unlock the screen and suddenly you realize that you have forgotten it and that access is denied. In what follows, we’ll show you what to do to unlock your smartphone if you forget the scheme.But first, […]

  • How to save app data on VK700

    How to save application data on your VK700 This article may be of particular interest to you if you plan to reboot, reset, or even resell your phone, but want to save your application data. For example, when performing a reset, it may be important to back up your application data. We will show you […]

  • How to record a call on VK700

    How to record a conversation on your VK700 There may be different reasons why you’re interested in, recording a call on your VK700 regardless if it’s personal or business reasons. For example, if you make a big phone call but have no way of taking notes, whether calls made by you or answered by you, […]

  • SD cards functionalities on VK700

    Features of an SD card on your VK700 An SD card extends storage space for all types of files on your mobile phone, as well as other electronic devices. There are several types of memory cards and the storage capacity of SD cards can also vary. But what are the functions of an SD card? […]

  • How to block calls or SMS on VK700

    How to block calls or SMS from a specific number on your VK700 In this section, we will explain step by step how to prevent a specific person from contacting you by phone call or SMS. Block a phone number To block a number on your VK700, please follow this process: Access your smartphone menu […]

  • How to unlock your VK700

    How to unlock your VK700 In this article, we’ll show you how to unlock your VK700. What is a PIN? Normally, you must enter your PIN to access the device after turning it on. A PIN code is a four-digit code and is used to ensure security so that everyone can not access your smartphone. […]

  • How to take a screenshot on VK700

    How to take a screenshot on your VK700 If you want to save a website, image, or other information that appears on your screen as an image, you can take a screenshot of your VK700. This is not difficult at all. In what follows, we explain step by step how to take a screenshot on […]

  • If your VK700 has water damage

    Action if your VK700 has water damage Sometimes, a smartphone falls in the toilet or a drink is spilled. These are incidents that are not uncommon and occur faster than expected. If your smartphone falls into the water or comes in contact with a liquid, you must act quickly. That’s how you should act Here […]

  • How to turn off vibrations on VK700

    How to remove keyboard vibrations on your VK700 Having trouble turning off the vibration on your VK700? In this section we will help you solve this problem. Disable key tones To disable keyboard sounds on your device, you need to do the following: Step 1: Open “Settings” on your VK700. Step 2: Press “Language & […]