How to change alarm ringtone on Wiko Y62

How to change the alarm ringtone on your Wiko Y62

Do you use the alarm function on your smartphone? You prefer to be woken up by a song of your choice rather than a default sound you find on the device?

Fortunately, you can set the alarm ringtone on your phone and change it as you want.

Below, we explain how to change the alarm ringtone on Wiko Y62.

But first, the easiest way is to download and use a dedicated app from the Play Store to change your alarm ringtone. We recommend in particular Music Alarm Clock and Full Song Alarm for your Wiko Y62.

Setting your alarm through Settings

One possibility to change the ringtone is to configure the parameters:

  • Access the menu “Settings” on your Wiko Y62.

    Then click on “Clock”.

  • Click on “Create alarm”. You can now set the wake-up time.
  • Under “Alarm type” you can choose between “Vibration” and “Melody”. Choose “Melody”.
  • By clicking on “Alarm tone” you can select a ringtone.

    Do you already have music on your Wiko Y62? So you can press “Add” and choose a song for the alarm function. If not, you can download new songs via Google Play Music or Spotify.

    After having done that, confirm with “Ok” and “Save”.

Setting your alarm with an app

We recommend that you use an app to set a wake-up signal. One such application is for example ApowerManager.

You can find this app here on Google Play and on the web browser.

  • First launch the software and connect your Wiko Y62 to your computer via USB cable.
  • Your phone is recognized by the computer automatically.

    Then click on the “Music” tab located in the selection bar.

  • You will now see all the music files available on your Wiko Y62. Click on a song of your choice to select it.
  • Then click on “Set ringtone” and then on “Alarm”.
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If you do not have any music files on your Wiko Y62 yet, you can transfer them from your computer to your smartphone so that you can use them later as an alarm ringtone, call ringtone or notification ringtone. To find out exactly how it works, you can simply download an app to transfer your favorite songs.

We hope to have helped you change the alarm ringtone on your Wiko Y62.

You need more? Our team of experts and passionate can help you.