How to increase volume on Airness Slide99

How to turn up the volume on your Airness Slide99?

Clearly, you want to turn up the volume on your Airness Slide99 when you want to listen to music on your smartphone.

If you have already set the volume to the highest level by pressing the volume button on the device, but you still want to increase the volume a little more, the following points may be of interest to you.

But first, we would like to inform you that playing music at full power may cause hearing damage.

To increase the volume on your Airness Slide99, we recommend you use an application. In the following, we will introduce you to some useful applications.

Increase the volume using an application on your Airness Slide99

  • Equalizer : these free applications can be easily downloaded from Play Store.
  • The free application Sound enhancer can also be easily downloaded from Google Play.

With these applications, you can not only adjust the volume, but also improve the bass when listening to music. In addition, it is also possible to adjust sound effects and maximize the volume of incoming messages on your phone.

    • Speaker Boost
    • is also a free application that you can install on your Airness Slide99.

    This application allows you to increase the volume of the speaker and headphones through a controller. However, it is not used to adjust the volume for phone conversations. It only increases the volume of applications and music.

    Turn up the volume on your Airness Slide99 with “Volume Booster”

    • The free application Volume Booster is particularly useful when you plan to listen to music or watch movies. Unfortunately, this application doesn’t work on all mobile phones.

    This application is only used to increase the volume of audio files and similar, but it also improves the sound on your Airness Slide99.

    Caution: Be careful not to turn the volume up too high, otherwise you may damage your smartphone’s speakers.

    Please follow these steps to use this application correctly :

  1. Download the application from your Airness Slide99.
  2. Open an application you usually use to listen to music, for example Spotify or Google Play Music.
  3. Access the “Volume Booster” application to adjust the volume.
  4. Turn up the volume on your Airness Slide99 with “Volume Booster Plus”

    The application Volume Booster Plus is also available for free on Google Play.

    The particularity of this application is an increase of any kind of notifications, be it ringing, message or alarm tone.

    Adjust the volume with root privileges

    If you have root privileges, you might be interested in the program Pimp my Rom.

    This application allows you to make effective adjustments to the system. The software is designed to make your Airness Slide99 safer and faster. In addition, it can optimize various features such as image quality.

    Headphones volume on Airness Slide99

    If the volume is very low just with your headphones, it may even be enough to use others for your Airness Slide99.

    Especially when it comes to the earphones you received when you bought your smartphone, it is possible that they are not of such good quality.

    Getting ultrasounds on your Airness Slide99

    They might be available on your Airness Slide99 via a dedicated application: just check here if you can use them on your Airness Slide99. Ultrasounds are a series of electromagnetic waves, usually longitudinal, whose frequency is above the hearing capacity of the human ear. Ultrasound has no properties different from audible waves, except that humans cannot hear them. The limit varies depending on the person and is approximately 20 kHz in healthy adults. Ultrasound equipment operates at frequencies higher than 20 kHz although most currently used transducers operate at much higher frequencies (MHz).

    We hope to have help you to turn up the volume on your Airness Slide99.

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