How to open your smartphone

How to open your smartphone

Just after buying your smartphone, you may have difficulties to open it. Certainly, this is important to know how it works to replace the battery, the SIM card or any other part of your smartphone.

In this article, we’ll show you how to open your smartphone.

But first, we recommend having a health diagnostic of your phone before opening it.

Applications like Phone Doctor Plus or View Device Information can help you to do so on your Smartphone.

Then, we recommend watching tutorials on how to open your smartphone, and reading our tips below.

How to open the battery cover of your smartphone

There are models with a sealed case that prevents you from opening it easily. We therefore recommend that you find out in advance whether your smartphone model has a removable battery cover.

If your smartphone has a removable cover, proceed as described below.

  • Before starting, it is best to turn off your smartphone.
  • Find the fulcrum on the battery cover of your smartphone.
  • Carefully open the cover starting with the edge containing a notch called the pivot point.
  • You can now gently open the other sides of the shell.

Please pay attention to each step so as not to damage the device and its components such as SIM card and battery.

How to open a closed lid with glue

If your smartphone has a cover closed with glue, you can still remove it.

How it works will be covered in the following steps.

Keep in mind that the procedure is at your own risk. In particular, you may lose any warranty covering your smartphone.

  • Turn off your smartphone first.
  • Place it on a cloth or the like to prevent scratches from appearing on your screen before proceeding to the next steps.
  • Use a thin metal tool, such as a flat screwdriver, to open the cover.
  • Place it on the edge between the battery cover and the device.
  • You should have found a little gap between them.
  • Now take a piece of thin plastic, a plectrum for example, to be able to open the lid.
  • Insert the plectrum into the small space between the lid and the device. Open your smartphone by sliding the plectrum along the gap.
  • If you can’t immediately open the cover because of the glue, you can use a hair dryer to make it easier to open.

    Please be careful when opening your smartphone.

  • If you removed the cover, you need to remove all visible screws.
  • You can now remove the frame to access the battery.
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To conclude, we would like to inform you again to carry out all the steps carefully, so as not to damage your smartphone. Also, please keep in mind that you may lose your warranty when opening your smartphone. Finally, after the operation is complete, we recommend having another health diagnostic of your phone.

We hope to have helped you to open your smartphone.

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