How to transfer music to Polaroid Topaz

How to transfer music to Polaroid Topaz [1]

How to transfer music to Polaroid Topaz

Would you like to access your music stored on your computer from your Polaroid Topaz?

In what follows, we’ll explain several ways to transfer music to your Polaroid Topaz.

But first, the easiest way is to use a dedicated app from the Play Store to transfer music.

We recommend in particular Smart Transfer, YouTube Music or Spotify for your Polaroid Topaz.

Transfer music through an app

You can also easily transfer your music from your desktop, PC or Apple Mac, with multi-device apps.

How to transfer music to Polaroid Topaz [2]

Keep in mind that you need a Google account to be able to download the apps.

Google Play Music

It is possible to transfer music through the Google Play Music app.

The steps to perform the transfer must be well understood.

How to transfer music to Polaroid Topaz [3]
  • Download the “Google Play Music” application for Chrome on your computer.
  • To be able to transfer music on your Polaroid Topaz, you must first add music to the media library in your Google Account library.

    To do this, select “Download Music” from the menu of this application.

  • You can add music by copy & paste or add it by clicking “Select files on computer”.
  • Download the app on your smartphone.

    You can now access your audio files from your Polaroid Topaz using your Google Account.

Pi Music Player

The Pi Music Player application also allows access to your music on computer, from your smartphone.

  • Download the application on your computer and on your Polaroid Topaz.
  • Open the app Cloud on your computer and sign in.
  • Then select a location. Under “Settings> Download> Add folder” you can add more music.

Other applications

In addition, there are other apps that allow you to transfer various files including music.

There is for example File Transfer. This app, or a similar one, will allow you to transfer files from an Android phone to a Mac or Windows computer, and vice-versa.

To transfer files to such an app, you must first install the app and then connect your smartphone to your computer using a USB cable, which is not necessary for every comparable app.

It depends on the app you choose.

Transfer music without app via USB

You can also transfer your music from your computer to your cell phone via USB cable.

  • First, connect the smartphone to the computer.
  • A connection option appears on the phone.

    Select “Multimedia device”.

  • You can now transfer music from your computer to any folder on your Polaroid Topaz by copy and paste.
  • You can now play music from your Polaroid Topaz, by going into your data folder, find your music file, and play it.

You need more? Our team of experts and passionate can help you.

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