If SFR Starshine 4 overheats

If SFR Starshine 4 overheats

Your SFR Starshine 4 can overheat, especially in summer, this can happen quickly if your smartphone is exposed to high temperatures outside.

It is quite normal that the device becomes warmer when switched on, but care must be taken when the appliance overheats.

If your SFR Starshine 4 is overheating, there may be a number of reasons. It is important to determine the cause and take action because overheating can have serious consequences. It can damage the unit, cause malfunctions or affect performance.

In what follows, we will discuss the causes for overheating of your SFR Starshine 4 and how to proceed. But first you could choose to download one of the various dedicated applications to cool down your SFR Starshine 4.

Why do smartphones get hot and can even overheat?

An important term is “System on a chip”(SoC). This is a microchip, so to speak, a complete system on a chip that integrates various circuits.

If SFR Starshine 4 overheats

When the smartphone is activated, it produces heat which is normal up to that time, for example, you need more power when playing a game on the device, because games require a lot of power from the graphics processing units.

In general, SoCs are well optimized and designed to withstand high temperatures, so overheating is rarely a problem.

To protect the device from damage, the chip slows down the operating speed so that the temperature can be reduced. However, this may be a sign that your smartphone is overheating.

If SFR Starshine 4 overheats

In particularly difficult circumstances, a warning message with mandatory shutdown may appear on the display and prevent you from using the device until it has cooled down.

What’s causing your SFR Starshine 4 overheating?

As mentioned before, there are several reasons for overheating the unit. Causes include:

  • High temperatures and direct sunlight, which damage the smartphone hardware and battery life
  • Running intense graphics that feed the graphics processor
  • Running demanding applications
  • Multitasking functions via widgets
  • Continuous connectivity checks with your phone (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc.)
  • High screen brightness
  • Regular overload

What if your SFR Starshine 4 is overheated?

If your smartphone’s overheated, you need to take action. You should observe the following points and carry out the appropriate procedure, if the device has not already switched off.

  1. If the device has been subjected to high temperatures, move it away from the heat source and allow it to cool down
  2. Turn off your smartphone until it cools down
  3. Download and install a dedicated application to cool down your SFR Starshine 4, like Cooling Master or Phone Cool Down.
  4. Plenty of other apps to cool down your SFR Starshine 4 are available for download on the Store
  5. Caution: Do not put the appliance in the fridge. Rapid cooling may cause damage to the appliance

To conclude, how to avoid overheating your SFR Starshine 4X

Yes, you can prevent your SFR Starshine 4 from overheating. Please note the following points to avoid overheating of the device:

  • Protect your smartphone from direct sunlight
  • On Google Play you can find applications like Battery Temperature or CPU usage to protect your smartphone
  • Prevent overcharging the battery to avoid overheating and to extend battery life

We hope we’ve answered your question about how to act when your SFR Starshine 4 is overheating, and helped you to solve the problem.

You need more? Our team of experts and passionate can help you.

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