If your Samsung Galaxy J1 2016 has water damage

Action if your Samsung Galaxy J1 2016 has water damage

Sometimes, a smartphone falls in the toilet or a drink and is spilled. These are incidents that are not uncommon and occur faster than expected. If your smartphone falls into the water or comes in contact with a liquid, you must act quickly.

That’s how you should act

Here are the key points on how to handle such a problem:

  • Remove your Samsung Galaxy J1 2016 as soon as possible from the liquid and turn it off if it is still not turned off.
  • If it is connected to the charging cable during the incident, immediately remove the phone from the power supply.
  • Do not touch the smartphone if smoke or steam is coming out of the device.
  • Open the camera body and remove the battery, SIM card and memory card.
  • Put all the objects on a dry cloth.
  • Dry the liquid visible on the outside of the smartphone with a dry cloth (preferably a paper towel) by dabbing the device.
  • You can also try to remove the liquid with a small hand vacuum. Be careful and set to the lowest suction level. The smartphone should not be swirled.
  • Take a plastic bag and fill it with uncooked dried rice.
  • Place your Samsung Galaxy J1 2016 in the bag with rice, seal and let stand for one or two days. If liquid has entered the device, it will be largely absorbed.
  • As an alternative to a plastic bag filled with rice, bags of silica gel, often received when new shoes are purchased, can also be used. These bags are even more effective. Put them with your Samsung Galaxy J1 2016 in a plastic bag and seal it.
  • Repair Kit: You can also buy a repair kit that uses some kind of silica gel. This is available from several manufacturers.
  • After drying, put all the pieces back into your Samsung Galaxy J1 2016 and turn it on.

That’s how you should not act with your Samsung Galaxy J1 2016

Despite the precautions mentioned, damage to the durable appliance is not always preventable. However, it is possible to increase the chances of saving the device or the stored data by acting correctly when in contact with water.

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It is important to consider all aspects mentioned and to avoid the following points:

  • Do not start your Samsung Galaxy J1 2016, otherwise it may cause a short circuit.
  • Do not connect the phone to the charging cable.
  • Apart from the button to turn off your Samsung Galaxy J1 2016, no other button should be pressed, otherwise liquid could get inside.
  • Do not dry your smartphone with a hair dryer or radiator. The liquid could only spread more. In addition, the heat damages the device.
  • Do not put the smartphone in the microwave or oven to dry. The device could catch on fire.
  • Do not place the unit in the sun to dry.
  • Do not try to extract the liquid from inside by shaking the smartphone. You risk exactly the opposite.
  • Do not try to remove the liquid on or in the unit by blowing.

About liquid contact indicator on Samsung Galaxy J1 2016

An LCI indicator, which may be present on your Samsung Galaxy J1 2016, is a small indicator that can change color, from white in general to red, after contact with water. These indicators are small stickers typically placed at various points within electronic devices, such as laptops and smartphones. In the event of a malfunctioning device, a technician can then check whether the device in question has come into contact with water, and, if so, the device is no longer covered by the warranty. You could check if you have one on your Samsung Galaxy J1 2016.

How to use an LCI on your Samsung Galaxy J1 2016

The main use of an LCI indicator is to provide suggestions about the malfunction of a device, and its altered durability. The LCI indicator can also be used to avoid discussions about the warranty, if it has been activated. Nevertheless, there may be cases where the indicator has been activated erroneously.

The prolonged exposure of your Samsung Galaxy J1 2016 in a humid environment can activate the indicator.

In theory, there is the possibility that water reaches an indicator, without it touching electronic parts, for example a raindrop could end up inside the headphone connector of your Samsung Galaxy J1 2016.

A user should be able to use a device under normal circumstances. For example, smartphones are normally used on the go, often in the open air. It could therefore start to rain. In such a situation, a device should not break, even if the LCI indicator could be activated.

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In conclusion, an indicator on your Samsung Galaxy J1 2016 can be activated, without water being the cause of malfunctions.

In their simplest form, the LCI indicators are useful for a first idea about the causes of a malfunction on your Samsung Galaxy J1 2016. Indicators can be replaced, as they are available in online electronics stores. When used to check the warranty of your Samsung Galaxy J1 2016, they are however constructed to be difficult to reproduce and replace, often using small holographic details on the indicator itself.

Placement of LCI in your Samsung Galaxy J1 2016

As stated above, you may not have a LCI in your Samsung Galaxy J1 2016. Though, in the case you have one, LCI indicators are placed at various points within electronic devices, such as underneath the keyboard of a notebook and at various points on its motherboard.

Sometimes, these indicators are placed in such a way that they can be inspected from the outside of your Samsung Galaxy J1 2016. For example, in the iPhone, indicators are placed inside the audio port, the dock connector, and near the SIM card slot. In Samsung Galaxy smartphones with removable covers, an LCI is typically placed near the battery contacts. Please check the specific case of your Samsung Galaxy J1 2016.

To conclude, some important information

In addition to the SIM card, SD card and battery, you could also remove more parts from your Samsung Galaxy J1 2016. However, we do not recommend doing so because you lose the right to the warranty of the device by removing the individual parts.

Keep in mind that these measures do not always guarantee the proper functioning of the smartphone. Even if you did everything correctly, it could happen that the damage sustained remain.

If the smartphone still does not work, your last option is to contact a specialist.

We advise you to buy a waterproof case for your Samsung Galaxy J1 2016, or to test if your device is water resistant, to avoid such incidents in the future.

We hope to have helped you solve the problem and that your Samsung Galaxy J1 2016 will not suffer any lasting damage.

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