Transferring a call on Android

How to transfer a call on Android

A “Call Transfer” or “Call Forwarding” is a function in which an incoming call on your phone is redirected to another number. This is very useful if you are waiting for an important call for example, but you already know you won’t be available at that time.

In addition, it’s even possible to do the opposite: redirecting incoming calls from your landline to the smartphone.

Here, we explain how to activate or deactivate the call transfer function on your Android.

But first, the easiest way is to download and use a dedicated app from the Play Store to forward calls.

We recommend in particular Call Forwarding and Call Forwarding - How to Call Divert for your Android.

Let's now see how to do it natively, directly from your phone.

Enabling call forwarding on Android

  • Click on the menu of your Android. Go to “Settings” and click on “Calls”.
  • Then press “Additional Settings” and then “Call Transfer”.
  • In the next step you can choose from the options “Voice Call” and “Video Call”. Press “Voice Call” if you only want to divert single calls.
  • You can specify when call forwarding should be made: always, only when busy, when there is no answer, or when you are not reachable. Touch one of the options you want to select and enter the number to which you would like to forward incoming calls.

Disable call forwarding

  • Please proceed as before to activate the function: access your settings via the menu. Click on “Calls” >“Additional Settings” >“Call Transfer”.
  • Press “Voice Call” again and then the option you wish to deactivate.
  • You will see the number to which incoming calls are currently diverted. Click on the “Disable” button below.
  • Doing so will allow you to receive calls as before.
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More information about call forwarding

It differs from the other call hand-offs in that forwarding is initiated on a case by case basis (for each extra call) and not configured to a fixed destination, as is possible only with the so-called call forwarding services. This should be the case on your Android. Call diversion and call forwarding service features are summarized under the generic term call diversion.

This type of call forwarding is used, for example, in an office: the mass of calls is actively diverted to the secretariat for each call, while others are accepted. Having such a tool on your Android could be powerful in this kind of situation.

In the fixed network, but also in the mobile networks, call diversions for the call diverting are usually liable to pay (depending on the network operator and forwarding destination). That could be the case with your Android. We mention it in our conclusion below.

Conclusion on forwarding calls on your Android

In summary, we can say it is actually easy to perform a call transfer: this functionality is very convenient. Depending on the network operator, however, a call transfer may be chargeable. Therefore, please contact your network operator to know if this is the case for you.

We hope to have been able to give you all the important aspects about your question: how to enable and disable call forwarding on Android. Good luck.

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