about us

Our team collaborates and supports each other on every project, helping our clients achieve the best possible result.

Our Mission

Build the best product to help our readers and clients with their devices. Having strong technical backgrounds, our team of wonderful people will be always at your service for any question about your smartphone and other devices. You can contact us for any question you may have.

Our Values

Beyond bringing you the best state-of-the-art solutions, we are dedicated to preserve the environment by allowing you to save on your energy usage and smartphone renewals. Helping you with your smartphone is giving us the possibility to extend its lifespan and preserve nature. The electricity used to run our website and other activities is 100% green-powered.

“Brain-Start.net has an amazing team, always very helpful. I can only wish I knew brain-start.net before!”

Mary Smith

We have been bringing you our expertise for over 12 years.

Our fantastic and dedicated team of highly skilled technicians and editors are eager to bring you the best and latest solutions for your smartphone.

We are brand independent, so our team is here to serve you in your best interest. If you have a problem with your smartphone, tablet or any other device, we should have a solution for you!

We’ve won several awards in our own country, including “Best Technology Blog 2022” in the small and medium writing team category.

We are always looking for new talent to join us. If you have a keen sense of smartphones, Android and other technologies, we’ll be very happy to review your article or application.

Patrick, founder of Brain-start.net