How to hide my number on Panasonic TU339

How to hide my number on Panasonic TU339 [1]

How to hide your phone number on Panasonic TU339

Don’t want your number to appear when you make a call? You just have to hide your number on Panasonic TU339. How it works is explained below.

A quick and safe way to get started is to download an application to hide your number. In particular, we recommend Hide My Number and Unknown caller.

Otherwise, here’s how to make anonymous calls natively on your Panasonic TU339.

How can I hide my number on Panasonic TU339?

To hide your phone number, you have two options.

It depends on whether you want to hide your number for each contact, or only for a specific person.

How to hide my number on Panasonic TU339 [2]

You can configure the system of your Panasonic TU339 as it is best for you.

Systematically hide your number

  • Go to “Settings” in your menu.
  • Click on “Call settings”. You can choose between several options.
  • If no option to hide calls appears here, first click on “Additional settings”. This procedure may vary from smartphone to smartphone.
  • Press “Caller ID”, then “Hide number”.

Specifically hide your number

  • To hide your number only for certain people, you must type # 31 # on your Panasonic TU339, and then the phone number of the person for whom you would like to hide your number.
  • If you plan to permanently hide your number from a specific person, you can directly save # 31 # with their number as a contact.

Code to hide the number

You can also use a code to hide your phone number.

It’s the same result, the only difference is that this method saves you time : you don’t have to go to the menu of your Panasonic TU339 for each call.

How to hide my number on Panasonic TU339 [3]
  • Open the keyboard of your Panasonic TU339.
  • Enter * 31 #.
  • Click on the handset.
  • Your phone number will no longer be displayed when you make a call.
  • To reactivate the display of your number, you must enter # 31 # on the keypad and press the handset. From then on, your number will be displayed again.

How to hide your number if you have an older Android version

If your Panasonic TU339 has an older version of Android, you may need to do this differently.

  • Open the settings.
  • Click on “Call settings”.
  • Press “All calls” and to end on “Hide number”.

We hope that we have answered all of your questions about stopping your number from being displayed when calling from your Panasonic TU339.

You need more? Our team of experts and passionate can help you.

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