How to make a backup on Android

How to make a backup on your Android

There are several ways to perform a backup.

You are strongly advised to back up your data from time to time, for example if you want to reset your smartphone.

In general, a backup is recommended as a precaution against data loss.

Here, we present you some methods, and we explain how to make a backup on your Android. If you are particularly interested in backups of application data and SMS, you will find more information in our chapters “How to back up application data on your Android” and “How to record SMS on your Android”.

But first, the easiest way is to download and use a dedicated app from the Play Store to create a backup.

We recommend in particular App Backup Restore Transfer and Super Backup & Restore for your Android.

Methods for creating a backup

As mentioned earlier, there are several ways you can do a backup.

Through computer programs

You can easily make a backup using a computer program on the computer.

One of the advantages is the fact that the computer has more space.

Also, you can rest assured that your data is permanently protected as you are using additional media besides your phone.

If you back up your data on your computer, either a PC, a Mac or a Linux, you can be sure that you will not lose it in some way.

If, for example, your smartphone is stolen, you would at least still have your data.

This also applies to unforeseeable events, for example if your phone falls into water or comes into contact with liquid.

These are incidents that can happen at any time.

For backup, we recommend the MyPhoneExplorer program for Windows.

An advantage of this program is the fact that it is compatible with many brands and models of smartphones, like your Android.

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The software backs up your phone’s settings, applications, and other data, and then saves them to your computer’s hard drive.

To make a backup using the program, please proceed as described in our paragraphs.

  • Download the software to your computer.
  • There are several ways to connect your computer to your Android:
    • By Wi-Fi: Download the “MyPhoneExplorer Client” app on your smartphone, available in your Play Store.

      Open the program on your computer and go to Settings> Connection. Then select “Wi-Fi”, then your network. Confirm to finish.

    • By IP address: Among the options displayed, you can also select “Fixed IP address” instead of “Wi-Fi” if you wish. Then enter the IP address that appears in the application. Click on “OK” and then on “Connect”.
    • By USB cable: In addition, you can also establish a connection using a USB cable. All you need to do is connect your phone to the computer and set the “Charge” mode on your Android.
  • When your computer and Android are connected, the data on your phone will be synchronized.
  • To perform the backup process, click on “Files” and follow the instructions.

Features of “MyPhoneExplorer”: This program has for objective to back up and restore messages, call logs and files.

In addition, you will have an overview of the data on your smartphone and also the possibility to manage it.

Copy data to the computer

If you want to save your data on the computer, the use of software is not necessarily necessary.

You can also copy your files:

  • First, you need to connect your Android to the computer using a USB cable. If no connection is established, which is possible if you have a Mac, you must first download Android File Transfer.
  • If the computer recognizes your device, open the storage media folder, if it has not already been opened by itself.

    Then you can browse your device’s internal memory for the files you want to back up.

  • To perform this process, make your choice and upload your files by clicking on “Copy” and “Paste”.
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We would like to mention again that this method is less suitable for backing up application data, but especially for transferring photos, videos, audio files, etc.

Via your Google account

This method is also shown in our chapters on backing up SMS, application data and contacts.

If you therefore want to save a certain type of data, it is also advisable to read the corresponding chapter.

One advantage of backing up your Google Account data is the ability to be able to access it from any device. If you use the cloud, you can save your photos and videos there.

By going to your Android’s settings, you can save your Wi-Fi passwords and other settings.

Click on “Backup and reset”. After, you can set up an account for the backup.

Normally, your Google account should already be set here. Click “Back up my data” to back up app data, passwords and other settings to your Google account.

Using apps

You can perform a full backup using the free “Swift Backup” and “Easy Backup” apps, as well as the paid “Swift Backup Pro” app. However, you need root privileges for both versions of Swift Backup. Most users will only need the free version.

These apps can back up any kind of data, be it call logs, messages, app data, bookmarks and files (like photos, videos, etc.). For more information about backing up using any of these apps, please see the “How to Back Up Application Data on Your Android” article.


As you can see, there are several ways to back up your data.

It’s up to you.

Good luck.

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