How to remove keyboard sounds on smartphone

How to remove key beeps and vibrations on your smartphone

If you want to remove the key beep and other vibration functions, you can do it in a few steps.

The easiest way to do it is to use a dedicated application from the Store. We recommend in particular “Sound Profile (Volume control + Scheduler)” and ” Volume Control”.

Sounds and vibrations on your smartphone can be triggered by different events, not only when you receive a message, but even if you press keys on the keyboard or on the screen.

Deactivate key tones

  • Method 1: General dial tone deactivation on smartphone
    • Go to settings and click on “Sound”.
    • You can choose between several options.

      For example, you can choose the “Dial pad sound” option to turn the sound on or off when you press the dial pad. You can also choose “Audible Selections” to turn the sound on or off when you touch the screen.

    • Just click on an option to select it.

      If you uncheck the box after the option, it will be disabled on your smartphone.

      In case of difficulties, the best is to use one of the dedicated app from the Play Store.

  • Method 2: Turning off the keypad key beep on your smartphone
    • Access the menu and then settings.
    • Then click on “Language and input”.
    • Tap the wheel icon that is behind the keyboard option you’re using.
    • Uncheck the options that enable keyboard sound.

Disable tactile feedback

“Tactile feedback” means that your smartphone vibrates when an entry is confirmed.

This function facilitates the use of the device. The tactile feedback is of advantage when entering a text for example, because the vibration clearly indicates you that the action taken has been effective.

This vibration differs from the vibration of incoming calls.

However, you can turn off this feature if you want. To deactivate it on your smartphone, please follow the steps below:

  • Go to the main menu then go to Settings.
  • Click on “Sound”.
  • Then you will see several options.

    Scroll down until you see the option “Tactile feedback”.

  • Click the option to uncheck the box.

    After this step the option will be disabled.

    If you want to re-enable the option, click on it again.

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We hope to have helped you to remove the key beep sounds on your smartphone.

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