What you need to know about video calls

A short description

It is the technology that mixes telecommunication and television, allowing the bidirectional transmission of voice and image through audiovisual service in real time on broadband mobile phone sets capable of receiving video, and that was only possible after the invention of television.

History of video calls

With the invention of television, the emergence of the video phone became possible. Several experiments were carried out in order to make the videophone dream a reality. In the 1980s, in France, the largest experiment ever carried out before was called Biarritz: integrating various components of new technologies, mainly fiber-optic access and videophones. Access was installed for hundreds of users, who could telephone, videophone, and watch various television programs. All done through an optical fiber connected to the residence. The experiment did not work very well, because as people lived close to each other, there was no need to see each other through the devices, they just had to visit each other.

In Germany, Berlin, the same experiment was conducted with 40 people, however, with one detail that made the difference: they were all deaf.


Only through the GSM technology used in cell phones, it was possible to reach the 3G technology for mobile internet, which enabled the development of video telephony.

The equipment is able to receive signals from fiber-optics allowing to see and hear through mobile telephony (cell phones) and thus reduce distances, even working in video conference, facilitating communication between people.


How to make a video call

Today, plenty of apps can help you make a video call. The choice is yours!

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