How to fix fingerprint issues on Sony Xperia 5 III

How to Fix an Android Fingerprint Problem

If you have a Sony Xperia 5 III, you might have come across a fingerprint issue. While this can happen for a number of reasons, it is best to get it fixed as quickly as possible. Luckily, there are a few solutions you can try at home to fix the fingerprint problem. Read on to learn more. Also, remember to apply each solution in the proper order to prevent any conflict.

But first, installing a dedicated fingerprint application may solve the issue quickly.

Before anything

Before making any operation described below, we strongly advise to back up all your data on your Sony Xperia 5 III. You may loose part or all your data when doing the steps below, so please make a backup before. You can then follow the steps below, or simply use an app helping with fingerprints.

Recalibrate your Sony Xperia 5 III

If the sensor is not functioning, you should re-calibrate your Sony Xperia 5 III. This can be done in several ways. The first way is to go into settings and click on biometrics. Then, choose security. Scroll down to the fingerprint section. You should see options to remove your existing fingerprints. Remove all of your fingerprints. This should clear up the problem. Then, you can try to set your finger again.

Or, you can simply use a recalibration app to recalibrate your fingerprint.

Reset your Sony Xperia 5 III fingerprint sensor

Performing a re-calibration will fix any fingerprint issue on an Android device. By doing this, you can reset the fingerprint sensor without affecting the system. If your fingerprints were not properly made, by deleting previous fingerprint records, you’ll get the best quality fingerprints on your Sony Xperia 5 III. You can also re-enroll your fingerprint if it is not working properly. In the meantime, you can test it by tapping the home button to open the settings menu.

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Recalibrate your Sony Xperia 5 III with a system update

Another method for fixing this issue is to re-calibrate your fingerprint scanner. If the fingerprint sensor is not functioning properly, you may have to re-calibrate your Sony Xperia 5 III. You can do this by going to the settings app and clicking on biometrics. Then, go to the security section and click on System Update. You should then be able to use your fingerprint scanner again. You should now be able to unlock your Sony Xperia 5 III in no time.

Plenty of apps can help you make a system update.

Reset the system cache

The next step to fix an Android fingerprint issue is to reset the phone’s system cache. This process will not harm your Sony Xperia 5 III but will clear the system cache. The system cache is used by the operating system and applications to store files and other data. Make sure to perform this process every time you update your Sony Xperia 5 III. Once you’ve done this, you can test the fingerprint again to make sure it’s working. And don’t forget to back up your data before trying this solution.

Restart your Sony Xperia 5 III

If you’ve tried these solutions but still haven’t had any luck, restart your device. Rebooting your Sony Xperia 5 III will fix most software issues. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to back up important data before performing this step. Once you’ve done this, you should be able to use your fingerprint sensor without any problems. You’ll be surprised by how much better it works after doing this simple fix. When it comes to solving the fingerprint sensor issue, rebooting your Sony Xperia 5 III is one of the best methods available.

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