How to unlock password on Wileyfox Swift 2

How to unlock password on Wileyfox Swift 2

How to unlock a forgotten pattern on your Wileyfox Swift 2

You were so sure that you memorized the diagram to unlock the screen and suddenly you realize that you have forgotten it and that access is denied.

In what follows, we’ll show you what to do to unlock your smartphone if you forget the scheme.

How to unlock Wileyfox Swift 2

On some smartphones you have to enter a PIN code to unlock it, others have locking schemes.

In any case, there are several ways to unlock your Wileyfox Swift 2, which we will introduce below:

Unlocking using your Google Account on Wileyfox Swift 2

Since you have a Google Account, you can use your credentials to unlock the screen.

How to unlock password on Wileyfox Swift 2

This is possible if you have versioned 4.4 of Android or a lower version.

  • Enter an incorrect code five times or draw an incorrect template five times.
  • The “Forgotten PIN Code” or “Forgotten Scheme” option should now be displayed.
  • There are now two possibilities: either you answer a question or you enter your Google data to unlock your Wileyfox Swift 2.
  • Once you have access again, you can change your PIN or schema. Click on “Settings”, then “Lock Screen” and then “Unlock Screen”.

    You can now choose from several options including “PIN Code” and “Model”.

Unlock by reset

You can also reset your Wileyfox Swift 2 to the factory settings. Please note that in this case, all data will be deleted from your phone:

  • Restart your Wileyfox Swift 2 in recovery mode.
  • Simultaneously press the menu button, the button to maximize the volume of the device and the power button.
  • An option to reset the device now appears.

    You can access the menu via the minus volume key.

  • Then click on the start button.
  • We recommend that you restart your smartphone after resetting.

Unlocking through Application Manager

You should be able to unlock the screen using the application manager on Wileyfox Swift 2.

How to unlock password on Wileyfox Swift 2
  • Sign in to your Google Account on your computer.
  • Once logged in, you can access the application manager.
  • Your smartphone should now be recognized. Click on “Lock”.
  • You can now enter a new password that will replace the PIN entry.
  • Then you can enter the password you set on your Wileyfox Swift 2 to access as usual.

A small recap on patterns on your Wileyfox Swift 2

A lock screen is a user interface element used by many operating systems, as the one on your Wileyfox Swift 2.
It regulates direct access to a device by requiring the user to perform some action, such as typing in a password, entering a specific key combination, or using the touch screen gesture recognition feature popular with mobile devices. Whereas most lockdown features on normal desktop computers only use a log-on screen, mobile-only lock-screens often provide greater functionality beyond just unlocking a smartphone or tablet, such as email, SMS, or text notifications, date and time indication or even shortcuts of certain applications.

This should be the case on your Wileyfox Swift 2.

The lock screen on your Wileyfox Swift 2 is not to be confused with the status bar or notification bar, which offers similar overview functions when opened, but can be seen unopened as part of the lock screen at the top.

We hope to have helped you unlock the forgotten scheme on your Wileyfox Swift 2.

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