Transfering photos from Huawei Y6 to a PC or Mac

How to transfer photos from your Huawei Y6 to your computer

In this article, we are going to introduce you to various ways to transfer your photos from Huawei Y6 to your PC or Mac.

Although we have already touched on this topic in other chapters, we would like to take it up and explain it in detail.

To start, the easiest way is to download and use a free app from the Play Store to transfer photos. We recommend in particular Photo Transfer App and Send Anywhere (File Transfer).

Transfer photos to a PC

If you want to transfer photos from your Huawei Y6 to your computer, you have several possibilities.

Via USB cable

One way to transfer your images is using a USB cable to connect your smartphone to your PC. This is arguably the easiest method.

  • Connect your mobile phone to your PC using the USB cable.
  • The connection will now be recognized.

    The “Connect as a device” display will appear on your Huawei Y6.

  • Click “OK” on it.

    After that, you can choose between “Multimedia Device (MTP)”, “Camera (PTP)” and “Multimedia Device (USB 3.0)”. If you are using a USB 3.0 cable, select the third option, otherwise press the first.

  • Your phone’s folder should now open by itself, if it doesn’t, browse your computer’s hard drive to find it by clicking the Windows key first.
  • Then, you can see all the file folders on your device. Please select a folder on the hard drive to save the images stored on your Huawei Y6.
  • Move the respective folders from your smartphone by clicking the right mouse button and choose “Copy”> “Paste”, if you want to keep the photos on your mobile phone, or “Cut”> “Paste”, if you want to move the photos to have them only on your PC or Mac.

Using an application

If you wish, you can also transfer your photos from Huawei Y6 to your PC or Mac using an app. We recommend the free Dropbox app which is available on Google Play.

This app allows you to sync, share and edit files.

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So you can also create more free space on your Huawei Y6.

In the first step you need to upload the images to the Dropbox, in the second step you can move them to your PC. To sign in to Dropbox, you can create an account or sign in with your Google account.

To transfer your desired files, proceed as described in below.

  • Download Dropbox to your Huawei Y6. Then open the app.
  • In the app you can open or create a folder where you want to save the images.
  • At the bottom of the screen you will see a plus sign, click on it and select “Upload photos or videos”. Then tap on the files you want to upload.
  • In the next step, you have to tap on the folder icon to indicate where you would like to download the images.
  • Click on “Destination folder” and finally on “Download”.

As soon as your files are uploaded to Dropbox, you can safely delete them from your phone. If you want to have access to the photos from your PC or Mac, you can access them without any problem.

There are two ways to access photos uploaded to Dropbox from your PC. Either download the Dropbox desktop app, available for Windows, Mac, and Linux on your computer, or log onto the website. Don’t forget to log in with the account you previously uploaded your photos to.

  • By right-clicking on the respective file, you can select it.
  • Then press “Download” and choose a location on your computer’s hard drive.

Using software

Besides the two options, you always have the alternative of transferring photos to the computer via a classic computer program.

  • Download the Dr.Fone software on your PC and open it afterwards.
  • Connect your Huawei Y6 to your PC using a USB cable. As soon as the device is detected, it is displayed in your software.
  • Click on the option “Transfer photos from camera to PC”. In the bar above you can see among other things the option “Photos”. Press it to select it.
  • Then all the photos from your smartphone will be displayed.

    Click on everything you want to transfer, then click “Export to PC”.

  • Follow the instructions and confirm with “OK”.
  • Finally, close the program and safely remove the storage device.
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Transfer photos to a Mac

If you have a Mac, some processes may differ, although much of it is the same.

Obviously, the transfer of photos is very possible.

Via USB cable

You can also transfer your photos to the computer using the USB cable. However, you need the Android File Transfer program to move your files.

  • First, please download Android File Transfer to your computer.
  • Connect your Huawei Y6 to your Mac using the USB cable. Your phone will indicate that a connection has been established.

    Click on the “Camera” option displayed on your phone.

  • Open Android File Transfer on your Mac. A new window will open and display all the files stored on your smartphone.
  • With “Copy”> “Paste” you can transfer your files to your computer in a folder of your choice.

Via applications

Transfer via AirMore: This app allows you to wirelessly connect your smartphone to your computer.

You can not only transfer files, but also stream videos and manage contacts and documents.

  • Download the free AirMore app on your smartphone.
  • Visit the AirMore website on your Mac, where you will see a QR code.
  • Open the application on your Huawei Y6 and press “Scan to connect”. You can now scan the QR code.
  • Once logged in, click on the “Images” tab, then select “Export”.
  • You can then select all the photos you want to transfer.

Dropbox: You can also transfer your files to a Mac using Dropbox.

  • Download Dropbox to your Huawei Y6.
  • Open the app and log into your account.

    Then click on the plus sign.

  • Tap “Upload Photos” or “Upload Files” and select the photos you want to upload.
  • Sign in to your account on the Dropbox website from your Mac.
  • You can now access the files you downloaded and move them to the folder of your choice.

We hope we’ve helped you transfer your photos from your Huawei Y6 to your Mac or PC.

You need more? Our team of experts and passionate can help you.